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General Manager's Welcome

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the members of Prairie Roots Consumers Co-operative Limited.

It seems like yesterday that the successful votes were made by the members of Marquette and Elm Creek Co-ops. Board and management have been diligently working on putting the two co-operatives together and we look forward to giving you the same great service as in the past.

This is an exciting time for us as we move forward together and strengthen our positions in supporting our communities. There will be some structural and operational changes throughout the organization but for the most part wonít impact the daily experience the membership has had with its co-operatives. The amalgamation is and will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future.

The staff has been great in all locations in working with the structural and operational changes we have made to merge the two retails. Change can be a difficult thing but Iím proud to have seen the awesome commitment and dedication to our new co-operative that our staff has.

The membership has embraced this proactive movement and we appreciate the participation in the new name selection and support with the final decision.

Our past is very important to us. Knowing where we came from and why we are here in our communities should never be forgotten. Prairie Roots was an excellent name choice and will serve us as a reminder of our great past. It also signifies the start of something grand and strong for the future, that can become whatever the membership decides to make it.

I would like to wish all of our members of Prairie Roots Co-op a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. This is the best time of the year to enjoy time with your family and friends.

From staff, board, and management, we look forward to serving you and appreciate your great continued support. Thank you.

Calvin Janke, General Manager,

Prairie Roots Co-op

Message from Dave

I would like to thank all of the Members, Staff & Board for their support of our Co-op over the past 22 years that I have been fortunate enough to lead as the General Manager.

I do look forward to my new role as a Division Manager overseeing our 3 General Stores and assisting Calvin and our Prairie Roots team on into the future.

Dave Henderson


Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo

Our January cards are currently in transit from our supplier. Our goal is to have cards for January 18 and 25 on sale online by January 6th, and in stores across Manitoba by January 10th.

UPDATE: As we've stated previously a few times, there are no games on January 4th or January 11th, due to CTV airing NFL Football playoffs





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Delivery to Elm Creek Location

A Friendly Reminder: If you choose to order something and have it delivered  to this address, please ALWAYS include your name and phone number to be shown on the outside of the package. This way we can be sure to make sure it gets to you and not to the wrong person.

This battery was (right) was delivered to the Elm Creek location without a name or phone number. If this belongs to you, please come pick it up! (and please bring proof of purchase with you.)

Also: A queen bed frame has been delivered to the Elm Creek location. If it is yours, please notify us and pick it up! (also require proof of purchase.


Prairie Roots Co-op

Head Office:

Prairie Roots at Marquette

Box 211

Marquette, MB  R0H 0V0

Phone: (204) 375-6570 Fax: (204) 375-6505 


Prairie Roots at Elm Creek

Box 130

Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0

Phone: (204) 436-2493

Fax: (204) 436-2391


Prairie Roots at Starbuck

Box 98

Starbuck, MB  R0G 2P0

Phone: 204) 735-2382

Fax: (204) 735-2512



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