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Elm Creek


Sales Specialist -

Elm Creek


2020 Events



Co-op Agro handles an extensive line of Seed, Fertilizer, Crop Protection and Ag Equipment/Crop Supplies.


Ag Division Manager - Pat Chanel

I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B. Sc. Agribusiness in 2004. I have CCA, P. Ag and 4R Nutrient Stewardship certifications.

I bring a broad range of experience to Prairie Roots Co-op in my role as Agro Division Manager.  In addition to growing up on a farm in Southern MB, I have many years of experience in the Ag Industry, working throughout Manitoba.  I am proud to lead a strong local business focused on serving the agriculture market. 

Our department handles an extensive line of Seed, Fertilizer, Crop Protection and Ag Equipment/Crop Supplies.  You can count on our team to provide sound agronomic advice for your farming operation.

Our goal is to help you identify the products and services that will allow you to achieve high yields and profitably grow your operation! We are excited for the opportunity to learn more about your farm!

Contact Information:

Phone: Office - 204-375-6570; Cell – 204-383-0383

Email:  p.chanel@prairierootscoop.ca

In Person: My office in Marquette. Call to schedule a meeting at your Farm


Location Reps

Marquette - Evan Zbrog

I am the Sales Agronomist for the Marquette location as of July of 2021. I started at Prairie Roots Co-op as a summer student in the spring of 2019. Previous summers have allowed me to gain knowledge of the agricultural practices, land types, growing challenges and more for Marquette and the surrounding areas. I grew up in the town of Oakbank, MB and worked on my family’s farm in Cooks Creek. I am currently in the process of completing a few final courses to achieve my B. Sc. in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba and will graduate in the spring of 2022. My goal is to bring sound advice that best suits your specific operation agronomically, economically and environmentally. Please contact me with any questions you may have, I’m always happy to discuss your farm!

Contact information

Phone: Office: 204-375-6570; Cell: 204-541-0041

Email: e.zbrog@prairierootscoop.ca

In person: My office in Marquette. Call to schedule a meeting at your farm.


Marquette - Julia Strecker

I am the Agronomist for the Marquette location as of January 2020. Before joining the CO-OP team I previously worked in Hamiota, Manitoba as a Crop Input Associate. I am a Graduate of the Agriculture Diploma Program at the University of Manitoba, with a major in Agronomy. I am currently in the process of obtaining my CCA Certification. While in university I worked as a summer student in South Lakes. I grew up on a grain farm in Beausejour Manitoba, where I still work and help out on during the busy seasons. In my free time I enjoy playing sports of all kinds, outdoor activities and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to growing in my position and can’t wait for what this upcoming season has in store. 

Contact information

Phone: Office: 204-375-6570; Cell: 204-266-1910

Email: j.strecker@prairierootscoop.ca 

In person: Marquette agro center. Call to schedule a meeting at your farm. Julia is currently on maternity leave until December 31st 2022


Elm Creek - Jeff Michiels

I am the new Sales Agronomist in Elm Creek for Prairie Roots CO-OP. I have previously worked as a Field Trial Agronomist with Haplotech in La Salle. I have previous experience with agriculture research and agriculture retail in my previous summer positions while I was in school. I grew up on a beef/grain farm south of Holland, MB. Our farm has recently expanded by adding a laying hen barn for egg production. I graduated from the University of Manitoba Agriculture Diploma Program in the Spring of 2019. When I am not busy working or helping on the farm, I enjoy playing sports such as hockey, baseball, golf, among many more. I also enjoy going to the lake or going camping. I am excited to work with producers in the Elm Creek area.

Contact information

Phone: Office - 1 (431)-842-2476 (or call Elm Creek store);  Cell: 1 (204) 526-0829

Email : j.michiels@prairierootscoop.ca

In Person: Elm Creek Argro Centre. Call to schedule a meeting on your farm.


Elm Creek - Helena Borst

I am the Agro Sales Specialist at the Elm Creek Co-op location. As of Sept.1 with the amalgamation between Elm Creek and Marquette, Elm Creek is now excited to offer Ag inputs such as seed chemical fertilizer and enhanced Feed options with Masterfeeds to our members. I have been working diligently with the Marquette Co-op AG team to gain the knowledge needed to serve our Ag community. My experience in these areas stems from a knowledge of dairy, cattle and sheep farming from our family farm. I have been able to share the knowledge I have built not only with our customers to date, but also with others. I have been involved for 8 years in the Elm Creek 4H Cattle Program first as a member and now as a leader. I have committed time and effort into promoting agriculture and ensuring the yearly Carman Fair 4H Beef Cattle show and sale is a big success. I am also dedicated to expanding the Agriculture options in our store and being able to provide you with excellent options and service in these areas going forward.

Contact Information:

Phone: 204-436-2493

Email: h.borst@prairierootscoop.ca

In Person: Stop by my office at Elm Creek Co-op.


Starbuck/Elm Creek - Curtis Tielmann

I have been working for the Co-op full-time for just over three and a half years as an Agronomist in the Starbuck region. I was a summer student at the Co-op before moving to full-time after completing my bachelor of science in agronomy with a minor in soil science. I worked at Cargill in Dauphin as a summer student before working for the Co-op. I have my CCA and I am in the process of getting my P.Ag. I grew up in Ochre River, Manitoba. I enjoy hunting, playing sports, as well as snowmobiling, quading, and other outdoor activities.

Contact Information:

Phone: Office - 204-735-2382   Cell - 204-881-5624

Email: c.tielmann@prairierootscoop.ca

In Person: Starbuck store. Call to schedule a meeting at your Farm.



Prairie Roots Co-op

Head Office:

Prairie Roots at Marquette

Box 211

Marquette, MB  R0H 0V0

Phone: (204) 375-6570 Fax: (204) 375-6505 


Prairie Roots at Elm Creek

Box 130

Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0

Phone: (204) 436-2493

Fax: (204) 436-2391


Prairie Roots at Starbuck

Box 98

Starbuck, MB  R0G 2P0

Phone: 204) 735-2382

Fax: (204) 735-2512






Granular Fertilizer Storage & Volumetric Outload; Crop Protection; Bagged Seed (Canola/Corn); Bulk Seed (Soybean & Cereals) & Custom Seed Treating.

Marquette Store


Elm Creek:

Bagged Seed (Canola/Corn and Forages). Crop Protection, Crop Scouting, and Soil Testing.

Elm Creek Store



Crop Protection; Bagged Seed (Canola/Corn)

Starbuck Store



Products & Services


Full Service Granular Fertilizer, Declining Weight Volumetric Blending System, Spreader & Valmar Rentals, 3rd Party Application, Soil Sampling, Tissue Testing, Custom Fertility Recommendations.

Fertilizer Plant, Marquette



Canola – InVigor, Dekalb, Brett Young, Brevant, Nexera

Soybeans – Syngenta, Dekalb, Brett Young

Corn – Dekalb, Pickseed

Forage Seed – Pickseed, Imperial Seed, Brett Young

Bulk Cereal – Wheat, Oats, Barley

Seed Treater - Marquette


Crop Protection:

Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Corteva, FMC, Co-op Brands, plus many more. Climate FieldView, Field Scouting.

Chemical Shed - Marquette


Ag Equipment / Crop Supplies:

Smoothwall Bins – Meridian

Aeration Fans – Grain Guard

Augers/conveyors – Westfield, Meridian, Convey-All

Monitoring – OPI blue, Intellicon Farm Wifi/Camera Systems plus many more.

Chemical Shed - Starbuck 


2020 Events

'Meal in The Fields - Marquette'

Here are a few picture from this year's event.