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General Manager's Welcome

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the members of Prairie Roots Consumers Co-operative Ltd.

This is an exciting time for us as we move forward together and strengthen our positions in supporting our communities. There will be some structural and operational changes throughout the organization but for the most part won’t impact the daily experience the membership has had with its co-operatives. The amalgamation is and will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future.

Our past is very important to us. Knowing where we came from and why we are here in our communities should never be forgotten. Prairie Roots was an excellent name choice and will serve us as a reminder of our great past. It also signifies the start of something grand and strong for the future, that can become whatever the membership decides to make it.

From staff, board, and management, we look forward to serving you and appreciate your great continued support. Thank you.

Calvin Janke, General Manager,Prairie Roots Co-op

About Prairie Roots Consumers Co-operative Ltd.

Prairie Roots Consumers Co-op Limited was established on December 1st, 2019 following the amalgamation of Marquette Consumers Co-operative Ltd. and Elm Creek Co-operative Oil & Supplies Ltd. We are dedicated to ‘Building Sustainable Communities Together’ by providing our members with quality products and services in an environmentally responsible way. We pride ourselves on our customer service and, when you visit any of our locations we want you to feel like “You’re at home here.”


Locations and Products & Services


Marquette - Head Office:





Marquette Location

Marquette Store


Products & Services

Fuel/Energy: Bulk Petroleum, Oil, Grease, Pumps, Cardlock and Petroleum Equipment.

Agro: Seed, Chemical, Fertilizer, Feed.

Hardware: Fencing, Farm Hardware, Twine etc.

C-Store: Tobacco, Grocery.


Hours and Contact Info


Box 211

Marquette, MB. R0H 0V0

Phone: (204) 375-6570

Fax: (204) 375-6505


Monday-Saturday 8:30-5:30. Sunday - closed.

Elm Creek Location:

Elm Creek Store

Products & Services

Energy: Bulk Fuel, Pumps (Gas: Premium, Clear & Dyed Regular, Clear & Dyed Diesel, Cardlock, Lubricants, Bottle/Bulk Propane/Satellite Dispenser.

Agro: Tanks and Equipment.

Hardware: General & Farm (plumbing, electrical, auto, tools, seasonal), Fencing, Animal Health, Bagged Feed, Cub Cadet. 

Grocery: Grocery, Lottery, Tobacco, Liquor & Beer. 

Other Services: ATM


Hours and Contact Info


Box 130

Elm Creek, MB, R0G 0N0

Phone: (204) 436-2493

Fax: (204) 436-2391


Monday-Saturday 9:00 to 6:00

Sun.- Closed

Admin-Monday-Saturday 9:00-5:00

Starbuck Location:

Starbuck Store


Products & Services

Fuel/Energy: Cardlock, Gas Bar, Propane.

C-Store: Liquor, Tobacco, Food.

Became part of Marquette Co-op on April 1, 2006  which expanded the trading area to the south.

Ag: feed, agronomy services, seed, chemical and fertilizer.


Hours and Contact Info


Box 98

Starbuck, MB  R0G 2P0

Phone: (204) 735-2382

Fax: (204) 735-2512


Monday-Saturday 9:00 to 6:00

Sunday - Closed


Prairie Roots In The Community


Prairie Roots Consumers Co-op takes pride in giving back to our communities. Our continued success is dependent on the loyalty of our members and the strength of our community. YOU are the people who purchase our products and services and YOU are the people who will enable us to ‘Build Sustainable Communities together’.

If you would like to request a donation or sponsorship, we ask that you give us as much information as possible. This will help us to decide which organizations we are able to support for the current year.

Donation and/or sponsorship requests generally fall into one of the following two two basic categories:

Community Capital Projects

In the past, we have donated to Community Capital projects such as libraries, sports facilities and daycare centres. Projects such as these, that would benefit our local communities, will continue to be considered in the future.  

General Donations and/or Sponsorships

Community organizations such as recreation committees, agricultural societies and other such groups may make requests for assistance.

Local youths who wish to attend the annual Co-op Youth Leadership Retreat in Manitoba will be eligible to apply for sponsorship. This program encourages participants to play an active role in their leadership development process.

Community events such as festivals and fairs, tournaments and bonspiels, community Fall suppers, etc. can also make requests for a donation in the form of gift cards, merchandise, or advertising sponsorship for example.

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How to Apply for a Donation/Sponsorship

Several options are available to you:

Send a letter of request by mail to:

Attn. Calvin Janke

General Manager

Prairie roots Consumers Co-operative Ltd.

Box 211

Marquette, MB

R0H 0V0

Please be sure to submit your request well ahead of your event or project as some requests require board approval.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help!  Please email admin@prairierootscoop.ca






Current Year Donations & Sponsorships

Elm Creek Minor Hockey; St Claude Broomball; Elm Creek Curling Club; Central Manitoba Holstein Club Dairy Days; Haywood Community Hall; Ted Tkachyk Memorial Golf Tournament; St Claude Library; Portage Turf Club; St Claude Historical Society; Elm Creek Fun Raisers; Elm Creek School Athletics Program; Elm Creek Parent Advisory Committee;
7-6 Ranch (Children’s Wish Foundation); Elm Creek Stay & Play; Manitoba Co-operative Youth Camp; Elm Creek Canada Day Committee; 4H Clubs Elm Creek, Graysville & Treherne; Fannystelle Harvest Fest; St Claude Minor Hockey; Pembina Valley Hawks; Elm Creek Fire Fighters; Elm Creek Dart Tournament; Scotswood Links Golf Tournaments; Sperling Fire Fighters Dart Tournament; Cross Country Snow Drifters; Elm Creek Scholarship; Carman Beavers; Carman Cougars

Senior Leadership Team




  Calvin Janke              Sherri Bergen        Benjamin MacDonald         Trevor King                 Pat Chanel                 Helena Borst                       

General Manager        Executive Assistant                 Manager                      Manager                       Manager                    Sites Manager

                                                                        Human Resources          Energy Division              Agro Division            Elm Creek & Starbuck


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of your Co-op. It represents all of the members, and guides management. Directors are elected at the annual meeting according to the the bylaws of the Co-op.


          President       Vice President       Secretary            Director              Director               Director              Director               Director

          Paul Heller        Michelle Lepp      Gayle Wolfram      Robert Nolting       Martin Keen          Chris Voth           Keenan Wiebe     Ron de Ruiter 

Committees: Ex-Officio - all Committees, Paul Heller & Calvin Janke

Development: Robert Nolting, Keenan Wiebe, Gayle Wolfram.

Image/Environment: Martin Keen, Ron de Ruiter, Robert Nolting.

Governance: Gayle Wolfram, Chris Voth, Ron de Ruiter.

Finance: Michelle Lepp,Robert Nolting, Martin Keen.

Member Relations: Chris Voth, Keenan Wiebe, Gayle Wolfram.

Nominations Committee: Michelle Lepp, Chris Voth, Robert Nolting




Elm Creek Coop History

The original Mission Statement for Elm Creek Co-op was:

"To provide the residents of Elm Creek and surrounding areas with goods and services for their consumption and use on a co-operative basis" 

 Co-op store 1970

This was the original purpose of the Co-op. Those services were  provided by Elm Creek Co-op from 1928 until November 30th 2019. The very day the Co-op was granted it's charter, the price of gasoline dropped by 6 cents per gallon in the Elm Creek District. This was to set an example for years to come, showing that Co-ops are a benefit to the community.


Elm Creek Co-op underwent many changes between 1928 and 2019, both financially and physically. Members, Board Members, Management, and Staff all benefited from this business over the years. Co-op has provided employment for families in the area, many of whom served on the Elm Creek Board and learned the Co-operative way. The picture above left shows Co-op in1985 and some early products are pictured above right.

Although a great many people have been involved in our Co-op over the years, one name remembered by most is Archie Janzen. Not only did he manage the Co-op for many years, he also served on Provincial Credit Union and Co-op Federation Boards.

Co-op faced many challenges, none more difficult than the economic downturn during the 1980s. It survived!!!!!!!! Over the years, there were to be more challenges but we became a stronger Co-op because of our loyal membership. Picture above right shows co-op in early 1989.

The above picture shows Elm Creek Co-op as it was in 1999, following many more years of extensive planning involving both Board and Management. The Grand Re-Opening took place during Co-op Week in October of 1999, with over 300 people attending the celebration.

Significant Dates:


Co-op incorporated


Bought first 1 ton barrel delivery truck


Bought shop garage


Built new store beside garage


Built new warehouse, Tore down original Co-op store, dismantled bulk plant


Renovated inside of Co-op store


Major renovations and expansion. Installed  Cardlock. Complete upgrade to facility.


Service Bay upgrade. Commissioned Op. took over.


Mack Fuel Truck; New Service Centre floor; Introduced Grocery, Liquor, Lottery & Tobacco (following closure of local store). Warehouse expansion completed.


New store floor plan completed May 2006 - more room to Grocery & Hardware.


Construction of new Office/Sales addition.


Moved into newly expanded office area


Installed new coolers & freezers. Began selling Premium Gas & Dyed Regular Gas.


Expanded into large appliance sales. Increased floor space (removed Boardroom). Re-paved parking (south)


Expanded truck parking. Moved compound to NE, + expanded & fenced. New Freightliner fuel truck.


Extension to main building (closed in the open garden centre) This increased floor space & productivity.


3 new freezers added.


Marquette Co-op History

The founders of Marquette Co-operative were ordinary people with modest needs and aspirations. From it's inception, on Monday April 25, 1949, they came together with the belief that their common aspirations of building a better life for their families would be better achieved by working in cooperation as opposed to competition. By adhering to a set of values and principals, they came to equate their success with that of the organization they collectively owned. It must have taken great perseverance and determination to build this sustainable business that thrived for generations.

Thanks to our members and visionary individuals who guided our development.  Marquette Co-operative became a dynamic cooperative retailer providing goods and services to our members. The collective success we enjoyed throughout the years is the result of years of cooperation and determination on the part of people who worked together for their mutual advantage and benefit.

Prior to the organizing of Marquette Consumers Co-operative, a number of people in this area had already become members of the Portage Co-operative which had organized over 20 years earlier.

Eventually however, Portage Co-op ran into pricing difficulties due to fuel zoning regulations. Following much discussion it was decided that the Marquette area should leave Portage, and form their own organization. History was made on April 25, 1949.

1958 was a proud year for the organization.  This was the first year that cash was paid out to members.

Over the years, many people in the area served on the Co-op board who were very dedicated to seeing the Co-op not only survive but thrive.  For about the first fifteen years there was no remuneration paid to directors for their time or mileage.  In fact, in early years a few directors put up their own money to guarantee loans on behalf of the Co-op.  Luckily they were always repaid.

In 1960, a house was purchased and a village lot was bought - It was to be the manager’s residence and remains there to this day. 

Also in the 1960’s, a building, just west of the old store, was purchased ($4,641.00 building; $1,059.99 for the lot) and was used for lumber storage.

It was 1979 before land was purchased (west of Marquette in the RM of Woodlands) for fuel tanks.  The tanks were moved and set up adjacent to the tracks. It would be eleven years later, in 1990, when a new store would be built on this property by the tracks.  In 1993, another piece was added onto this building along with paving the parking lot.

By 1997, a new truck garage was built and by 1999, a new chemical warehouse was erected. In the early 2000’s, the Petroleum department continued to grow with the addition of a second tandem delivery truck.

In 2003, the Co-op expanded again with a state of the art 1500 tonne fertilizer shed, and with overwhelming community support, another 500 tonne compartment was added on in 2005.

The purchase of the Starbuck Co-op in 2006 expanded the trading area to the south.  Marquette Co-op was now a regional co-op. This added another farm supply store, chemical shed, and a new petroleum customer base.

New fuel cardlocks were installed in Starbuck (2010) and Marquette (2012) to give 24/7 access to clear and dyed fuel.

In 2013, a seed-treater and conveyors were purchased for the ever growing cereal and soybean seed business.  2014 saw the beginning of renovations for both the Starbuck and Marquette branches.Three Agro offices were added onto the Marquette store to accommodate the Agro market.  At the same time, the front counter was moved to give that area of the store a C-Store feel.  During the winter of 2015, an exterior facelift of the Starbuck store and renovations inside were completed to give customers a new, better experience with also a C-Store feel.

It was 65 hard years of the Co-op serving its members and its members serving the Co-op. People, local organizations, and business opportunities may come and go, but one thing that won’t… the local Co-op.


Past Board & Management

Past Presidents - Marquette

C.E. Wood
J.S. Kelly
Hugh Proctor Aurelle
Ron King
Gunner Norberg
Murray McLoed
Marvin King
Glen Tully
Armin Friesen

General Managers - Marquette
John Sprong 1949-1959

Glen Knight 1959-1973

Tanguay 1973-1975

Wayne Manweiller 1975-2006

Bryan Penner 2006-2013

Calvin Janke 2013-Present

Reference: "Marquette Co-op 50 Years" Book, 1999




Original Board - Elm Creek

H. W. Barager

R. Ivey

H. C. Hargest

Ed Clucas

N. W. Scott

R A. Hargest

George Sharp